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To: You, if you are ready to take action and create the book you’ve been dreaming about!

From: Bob Bare, Author, Publisher, and Expert on Creating and Publishing non-fiction print and eBooks

Do you want to write a book(s), become a published author, or do a better job creating your next book, but you are struggling?

  • Do you want to write a book (and have been told that you should), but you don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you find yourself with a lack of motivation and drive to finish what you have already begun?
  • Do you see the process of developing and writing your book as difficult and mysterious?
  • Are you afraid you are not a good enough writer?
  • Do you fear that no one will buy your book, and you will be disappointed by low sales?

If so, I understand. I have written books and helped many other authors write and publish their own book, but before I learned how to create a great non-fiction book, I spent years learning and going down long and winding roads unnecessarily.

Just like you, I struggled with how to get started and what each of the next steps were. I discovered the infamous “writer’s block.” I tried to finish my manuscript and get it published, but that did not happen until after many struggles.

The first book I wrote was never published. I was insecure and wasn’t sure that it was good enough, and I didn’t know what to do next when I finally had a rough draft.

The 2nd book went much better. I had learned some lessons from my 1st experience and developed a method of manuscript creation that side-stepped writer’s block and gave me a plan to follow.

My lack of experience caused many mistakes and misdirections that cost time and money. I paid for editing and proofreaders several time because I didn’t understand the sequence of steps and which type of editing came first. I paid for numerous book covers because I didn’t know where to go and what to ask for.

After much research, traveling to multiple seminars across the US and other countries, I thought I had become “an expert”. And then I met a real expert, someone who mentored me in advanced techniques, who had sold over 40 million books.

My next journey was to begin SEGR Publishing LLC and several other Imprints to assist others in writing and publishing their own books.

Now that I am successful with helping others write and publish their own books, I have joined forces with an experienced ghostwriter and editor, Heidi Clingen, to distill our experience into an online course for teaching others to create their own book, and to coach authors to publish and promote their own area of skills, knowledge, and wisdom.

If you choose to work with me, I will provide you with a step-by-step roadmap that is easy to follow. Heidi and I have created an online course which will teach you:

• The important steps you must take before you even begin writing or speaking your book

• The best sequence to follow in creating your book

• The common mistakes and scams to avoid
When you work with us and begin your course, you will:

• Discover creating a book is fun and fulfilling

• Find new purpose and motivation in life

• Become confident and assured, knowing you are leaving a legacy and doing something valuable with your life.

How This Course Will Help You:

Creating a book using the Talk Your Book System will be like learning to ride a bicycle. Once you have learned the basics, each new book you create will be a familiar and fun process!

You will enjoy newfound confidence and self-assurance after completing a manuscript and becoming a published author.

You’ll discover a new level of respect and admiration from those you know and new people you meet when they discover you have authored a book.

You will stay focused and be able to stay on course by following the step-by-step lessons in the Talk Your Book System. Life is so very busy, and there are always many distractions. You need a platform that lays it out that you can follow.

You will become so comfortable with the steps of this course, you can become a guide yourself to help friends who want to write a book themselves. You can recommend this course to them, and then you can guide them and assist them. Imagine how good you will feel when you’ve been able to help someone else fulfill a dream of writing their book!

Not only can you use this system to create a book, but it will assist you in many projects you do. It will provide a framework that you can use to become more productive and accomplish more in your life.

Here are some of the steps we will really dig deep into during your course:

•  Become clear on your motivation to write a book (make sure that your “Why” is powerful enough)
•  Strategize how you can use your book to reach dreams!
•  Decide who your target audience is
•  Research what your target audience really wants and needs, learn their motivators and hot buttons
•  Create a list of the main topics to be covered in your book, to become your book sections and chapters
•  Learn ways to create bullet points under each topic or chapter, and arrange them in a logical order
•  Chose the best interviewer to ask you questions in a quiet environment, record each interview
•  The best method and format to use to record each topic
•  The best person to transcribe recordings, and how to do it in a way to make your editing easier
•  How to add transitions, stories, case studies, and action steps
•  How to choose a good editor to develop the manuscript beyond your own writing ability
•  How to find and task a proofreader to polish and correct punctuation and grammar
•  Decide how to publish – self-publish, hybrid, or traditional

How will you feel as a published author?

Most people say it is one of the most Satisfying experiences you can have!

  • You will have a sense of accomplishment – You can say “YES! I actually did it!”
  • You can call yourself an author in your bio/resume, your email signature line, and your profiles!
  • You will feel a glow when you hold your book in your hand and see your name on the cover!
  • You can be introduced as “Author of ……” and get speaking engagements!
  • You will become a member of a very exclusive group. Less than three percent of people worldwide become an author!

If you are like most of our clients, my guess is that it will be amazing!

Now here’s the thing. Many personal coaches charge at least $150 per hour or more. There are coaches that have packages that cost thousands of dollars. One of my recent clients paid $4000 for me to walk him all the way through creating and getting his book published, and he felt it was worth every penny. (That did not include the cost of editing or promoting it). And that is  inexpensive compared to many hybrid publishers and ghostwriters. I regularly talk to people who have paid from $20,000 to $30,000 for “book publishing packages”.

It has always bothered me that there are people who have amazing stories that would be tremendously beneficial to many readers, who never get their message out for financial reasons.


That is why Heidi and I decided to spend over a year and dig deep into our backgrounds and experience to create something for you that is affordable and yet comprehensive!

Heidi and I do provide Do-It-For-You services for reasonable (but market competitive) rates. If money is not a problem, but time is, we would love to talk to you about our services. But if you are like many of our clients that are willing to make the time, and are willing to put in effort to follow a plan, the Talk Your Book System, Easy Book Creation Without Writing, is the course for you!

The cost of the Talk Your Book System? $297 for one year of access to the course, or $37 per month.
You have access to all of these:

i) Online Video lessons (27 of them!)
ii) Audio format for download
iii) Transcripts of each lesson
iv) Worksheets and downloads
v) Recorded Q&A sessions

For a limited time, while I am still able, I will give annual subscribers access to me by email (for one year) for any questions during the process of writing your book.

This is a no-brainer, isn’t it! Heidi and I LOVE hearing about new writers and new projects, and will be excited when you begin your book! After you subscribe to the Talk Your Book System, please send me an email and let me know what you will be working on! Send it to

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